Garage Door Maintenance

Annual garage door maintenance is the key to your safety. With our preventive service in Stittsville, we manage to keep the system in exceptional condition, prolong the overall lifespan of all parts, enhance your home’s security, and guarantee safe performance. At Garage Door Repair Stittsville, we want the best for each customer. For this reason, we recommend regular inspections and are extremely thorough when we maintain each home garage door. The service we offer includes all steps required for a complete tuning up of the system, is affordable and performed on time, and enables you to use the door without being concerned about problems.Garage Door Maintenance Stittsville

Tune up your garage door by trusting our maintenance

Our company offers residential garage door maintenance in Stittsville. Our professionals have specialized knowledge and training, follow every development in the industry, and are experts in all opener systems used in Ontario. Customers can rest assured that their door is meticulously checked. From the tiniest fastener to the panels of the overhead door and the operator, all components are checked and thoroughly maintained.

Is your door noisy lately? Are you recently dealing with several problems? Apart from maintaining the system, our technicians can also fix the current issues. So we start with garage door troubleshooting and overall inspections and take it from there.

Complete maintenance service by our Stittsville team

What do our technicians do? They check every part, let you know if there are weak and damaged parts which should be replaced, lubricate all steel components, tighten the nuts and screws, test the reverse system and the overall movement of the door, and do quick fixes. From garage door adjustment to lubrication and everything in between, our technicians leave nothing out.

The purpose of our Stittsville garage door maintenance preventive service is to fix the door and take care of the entire system so that you will use a functional and safe door. So, we fix little things, take care of springs and openers, align tracks and sensors, and make sure the door moves noiselessly and smoothly.