Garage Door Springs

Many people from all over Ontario ask us why we give so much attention to the extension springs when there are so many more components, which do an important job for the operation of the garage door. The answer is simple and is related with the fact that the torsion spring carries a great weight each and every day and it is the guardian angel of each household since it keeps the door open and doesn’t let it collapse onto your car or kids.

The second most important reason why Garage Door Springs Stittsville trains its technicians to important tasks, such as garage door spring replacement, is that the tiniest wrong movement or handling of springs could release their tension abruptly and cause terrible accidents. Our technicians are accustomed to deal with such dangers and know how to take care of themselves, but you must not take any risks.

Thankfully, more and more residents of Stittsville understand the importance of keeping away from such tasks on their own and they always call Garage Door Springs Stittsville for assistance. Of course, taking care of the springs is not confined only to times when there is a serious damage and need of garage door spring repair, but it is our obligation to check their condition on a regular basis in order to clean, lubricate and maintain them because this is the only way to prevent future problems.

Your garage door weighs a lot of pounds and your springs are perfectly able to lift their heavy weight as long as you let us take care of them frequently.